About Me

I am a text-book introvert living in an extroverts world.
I work in the most extroverted environment that has ever been created Рladies and gentlemen РCorporate America.
I am a writer, reader, photographer, future wife and animal lover.
I am more motivated than ever to help bring awareness to the loss of incredible thinkers, creators and inventors caused by so much noise.
I am very  passionate about different personality types and am constantly researching them.
In my own way, I hope to use this blog space as a tool to reach as many people as possible in hopes to make a difference for introverted and extroverted people.

It is time for us quiet kids to make our own mark in our own quiet way.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping at my page yesterday. Just a quick note to say hello and that I’m already drawn to your page and message. I absolutely love the name of your page! A fellow introvert, I work in corporate America, too. My co-workers are kind, but quick to chide me about my “open introversion.” I’m eager to read more of your posts and plan to stop by frequently.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I checked out your page and I am intrigued in your posts! I will definitely be stopping back as well :) It is great to be able to share our own struggles and be able to empathize with people that may be going through the same things! Thanks again, I look forward to reading more on your page!

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